We want Playground Festival to be an event that everyone can experience and enjoy. We have been working hard to ensure we offer an accessible and enjoyable experience for disabled customers and those with specific requirements. Please read all the below information before purchasing your ticket(s).

The Playground Access Information Pack, providing further information on the access facilities we can offer, such as the viewing platform and wheelchair accessible toilets will be available to download shortly.

Please email access@playgroundofsound.co.uk to request this from our dedicated Access Team.

Bookings & Tickets

If you are unable to attend the festival without the assistance of a PA, you can apply for one of our complimentary PA Tickets.

Customers wishing to apply for a PA ticket must purchase their own ticket, following the booking procedure detailed below. Do not purchase a ticket for your PA/carer. 

Supporting Documents


All supporting evidence must be submitted before the application deadline of Tuesday 2nd July 2019 at 6pm. If we do not receive this, then your application will not be fully processed, and we will not be able to guarantee use of these services at the Festival. You can email or post the documentation to us. Please let us know if you are sending this to us separately.

Please include one of the following with your application:

  • DLA/PIP — front copy only

  • Medical professional’s letter

  • Access card

  • Blind/Deaf registration card

Email: access@playgroundofsound.co.uk

Post: Hazelwood Events Ltd, Access Team, 54 Calton Entry, Glasgow, G41 2SB

How to book

  1. Book the required number of ticket(s) (minus PA/carer) from the link here.

  2. Once you have purchased your ticket(s), you can then apply for your PA/carer ticket by completing our Playground Access Application Form here and sending this into us via email along with the required supporting documentation.

  3. You will then get confirmation of your free PA/carer ticket by return email.

Register for Access Facilities

We understand that these documents may not be applicable for every customer, so if you do not have any of these documents, please let us know by emailing us.

We ask that anyone who needs to use the access facilities, pre-registers with us in advance of the festival.

This can be done by completing the 2019 Playground Access Application Form and emailing access@playgroundofsound.co.uk

Ground Conditions

Playground festival is on a greenfield site and there will be sections that may have uneven ground, and so access to certain areas of the site may not be possible, especially in poor weather conditions.

Just as we prepare for all conditions, we do ask that you do too, so please consider the ground conditions and our unpredictable Scottish weather.


Any queries? Don't hesitate to drop us a line at access@playgroundofsound.co.uk

Please note this email is for queries relating to disability access only. Other queries/requests will not be responded to.